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How to Get the Most Traffic from SearchKing

The answer is simple. Become a portal partner and help us build a better web.

SearchKing works off of a point system and our portal partners get EXTRA points. Each submission is given a certain amount of relevancy points for every keyword/phrase chosen by the webmaster submitting the site. The submission is then indexed instantly and the votes from the public viewing the search results are the only thing that determines rank. A good vote adds points and a bad vote subtracts points across all keywords/phrases chosen by the webmaster. The idea of course is that the webmaster chooses only keywords/phrases that are relevant to the submission so that only good votes are received.

Since the mission of SearchKing is to offer the searching public a PORTAL about a keyword/phrase as opposed to just a list of websites, we give our portal partners a boost. Extra points are given to our portal partners once they are reviewed by our staff and accepted into the SearchKing Portal Directory. As long as they continue to provide a quality directory and continue to get good votes, our portals stay at the top of the most competitive keyword searches.

Furthermore, we add points to the data from within our accepted portal partner's sites because we know that our partners have no motivation to spam their own websites. So, the portal partners come first, then the sites that have been reviewed and accepted by our portal partners.

Any site submitted to SearchKing, while indexed instantly in the main database, is sent to our portal partners based on keyword or category for them to review. Any site accepted by our partners is like a good vote.

So, the "secret" to getting the most traffic from SearchKing is to join our network of portals. SearchKing is one of the pioneers in developing portal and search engine software. We offer portal hosting for free with a one-time set up fee of only $29. Of course upgrades are available to make your portal as powerful as you want, but it's not about the money. It's about the network and the free portals get the exact same amount of relevancy points as the ones that cost more. The only thing that would hurt your portal's placement would be trying to get over on the public and getting bad votes.

If you would like more information on building your own portal and joining the "network," click here.

You don't have to build a portal just to get top placement in SearchKing, but you do need to at least spend just a few minutes learning how it works. To learn how to get the most traffic from SearchKing without joining the network, click here.



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