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Questions & Answers

SearchKing doesn't want you to have to worry about how to get your site to the top. Should I use all Caps? Should I separate my keywords with commas or spaces? Does having my keywords in the title help? And on and on.  

SearchKing does not rely on a program to read your HTML coding and then try to decipher what we think is relevant. We rely on what YOU think is relevant. We give you the ability to submit your site and have it come up under any keywords/phrases that YOU think represent your site honestly. From there the only thing that influences your rank are votes from the public. If someone tries to cheat, they'll get caught and they'll get no votes and their listing will drop. We assume our submissions are honest and then give the webmaster the benefit of the doubt.

We then make every effort to add enough initial relevancy points to get you in the top under at least most of your keywords instantly. This gives everyone a fair chance to be found. From there, any time a searcher clicks on your link, you get points added, (this makes your title and description very important). When a searcher votes on your site it also will add or subtract relevancy points. This is the only thing that determines your rank.

What if I make a mistake and people are voting me down because I picked the wrong keywords?

SearchKing notifies every member each time their site gets a vote and tells you whether the vote added or subtracted points. This tells you if you have selected keywords that are actually relevant to your site. If you are getting "no" votes, simply go to "edit your site" and change the keywords, the title or the description anytime you like. We are trying to educate you on what the general public uses to find relevant results to their searches.  This not only helps to bring qualified traffic to your site but also improves your image as an honest, professional web site owner AND keeps you in the top of the results.

Should I use commas to separate my keywords?

Yes. SearchKing allows you to select the keywords that YOU want. When you type in your keywords, everything in between commas indexed. EXAMPLE: games,games for kids,kid games,gaming for kids.

While there is a lot of discussion about whether to use commas or not on the net, this is the most fair and honest way we know of to let every webmaster be in control of their own listings.

Should I use caps in my keywords?

It doesn't matter. Our engine will read games as well as GAMES or Games.  There is no need to waste your keyword space on trying to use repetitions of your keywords to include caps.

How many keywords can I select?

You are limited to 250 characters including commas, spaces or any other grammatical symbol.

Do keywords in the title or description help?

NO. There are no relevancy points added or subtracted to your title or description. Make your titles and descriptions actually reflect the content of your site. You are limited to 150 characters for your title and 250 for your description and remember that clicks on your link DO add relevancy points, so we recommend that you make your titles and descriptions professional and of good quality. If you want to list keywords over and over in your title, we won't penalize you, but our searchers probably will.

What if I need more keywords?

SearchKing feels that 250 characters should allow an average of about 10 keywords/keyword phrases. We feel that this is plenty to describe your page and yet be fair to the rest of the webmasters. If you need more keywords, we recommend making another page and using that page to get more keywords.   You can submit as many pages to SearchKing as you like and they will all be added instantly, but remember, it is not SearchKing that you need to make happy, it's the searchers.

Also, we do not allow duplicate listings for the same site under the same keywords. Because SearchKing is very serious about being fair and honest, we do not want any site trying to dominate the results. When we find dupes, all but one listing is deleted (or all the listings may be deleted) which means you just wasted your time and that time would have been much better spent in spreading your keywords out over other pages that were more relevant to those particular keywords/keyword phrases and giving everyone a fair chance.   

What if I have another question?

SearchKing offers a forum moderated by the owners, the programmers and the webmasters. You can get answers, tips and advice on almost any subject regarding SearchKing, Internet marketing and computing in general. Membership is free to everyone who cares enough about their site to want to participate. We encourage you to join and help out. We rely on the input of our members to determine the direction of SearchKing in the future and we need your input. Simply click on the link below and ask away!
SearchKing's Open Discussion Group Forums 




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