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Promise To You

Our Promise to Searchers

We promise to do our very best to provide you with only the most relevant keyword searches possible. We promise to rely solely on the input of you, the searching internet community to determine what is relevant and what is not. We promise to never compromise the results of a search by using any means other than the "votes" we get from you, the searcher. We promise to do our very best to make Searchking the most powerful internet search tool available and to always put you, the voters, first! We promise your vote does count with SearchKing.


Our Promise to Webmasters and Website Promoters

We promise to do more to keep you informed of the inner workings of SearchKing than any other search engine in the history of the internet. We promise to always try our best to work with you instead of against you in keeping our promise to our searchers to always provide the most relevant keyword search results. We promise never to forget that we depend on you for the bulk of quality content. We promise to always try our best to meet your needs and answer your questions in a timely fashion. We promise to always offer our members an open forum to inform and educate on how to best take advantage of SearchKing's unique features. We promise to always provide instant indexing with submission results and instant editing to help in your online marketing efforts. We promise to always focus on providing you with the most open, honest and informative data possible. We promise to always strive to provide alternative advertising solutions to fit any size budget. We also promise that if you care about your site, we will be there to support you any way we possibly can.

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