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What are premium links and how to add them?

Premium links are links that is always displayed first before any other link listings in any category. Premium links are also displayed first before any other links in the Control Panel. They can also be configured to display first in Search Results. Premium links can also have a different 'look and feel' or list extended information, images, etc. to differentiate premium links from standard links.
You can add premium links by clicking the ‘Add Link’ button when in the Dir Manager. When adding a link, assign a value in the Premium Position field to make it a premium link. You can give the premium link any value. If you have more than one premium link in the same category, the premium link values will determine which premium links are displayed first. The premium link with the highest value (number) will be displayed first and the premium link with the second highest value will be displayed second, etc.

You can also change any standard links to premium links. This can be done by editing any standard links and assigning Premium Position values to them.

To change a premium link so that it is not a premium link anymore, edit the premium link from the control panel. Then assign a Premium Position value of 0 (zero) to the  link's  Premium Position field. After this the premium link will be regarded as a normal link.

The templates used for premium links can be configured in the Template Manager of the Control Panel. This provides the option where premium links can have a different or enhanced look that separates normal links from premium links. All premium links can have an enhanced look that differentiates it from normal links, by customizing the premium link templates.


10.2 Premium Link Settings

To configure the main aspects of the premium links, go to the Control Panel > Plug-Ins > Premium Link Manager. Then click on the ‘Premium Link Settings’ link. Below is an explanation of each setting:

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Premium Links Features

  • Premium links can have a completely different look and feel.
  • New premium links may have an expiry date where they will expire when a specified time frame has been reached. This expiry time frame can be configured so that all new premium links are valid for the specified time frame when submitted.
  • Premium links can be set never to expire.
  • Premium links will always be displayed first (or above) standard links in categories. The premium link positions can be configured.
  • Premium links can be listed first in Search Results (optional setting)
  • The positions of Premium Links can be controlled in categories.
  • NEW! - The premium link browser has a search to only search through premium links.
  • Email will be sent to Premium Link owners when Premium Links expired.
  • Premium Link emails can be customized. NEW! - HTML Email also supported.
  • Premium links have their own 'More Info' templates and modify templates. This provides the ability for premium links to have extra information that standard links don't
  • Standard links can now be charged for in addition to Premium links.
  • Coupled with Extra Add URL / Modify Forms and Custom Category Template Sets a limitless amount of premium link types can be available and accepted from 'Add URL' forms.

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