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Setting Up Your Portal

Setting Up Your Forums

    To access your set up:

  • http://www.__.com/UltraBoard/tutorials.pl
    1. First Page = Absolute Paths = PROCEED TO NEXT STEP
    2. Second Page = URL Addresses = PROCEED TO NEXT STEP
    3. Thrid Page = E-mail Options = Your E-mail Address= PROCEED TO NEXT STEP
    4. Fourth Page = Time Zone = PROCEED TO NEXT STEP
      • -5 Eastern Time
      • -6 Central TIme
      • -7 Western TIme
      • -8 Pacific TIme
    5. Fifth Page =Miscellaneous Options = PROCEED TO NEXT STEP
      • Un-check Close the UltraBoard
    6. Sixth Page = Check List = PROCEED TO NEXT STEP
      • All should be green
      • if any RED changes need to be made
    7. Seventh Page = Creating Admin Profile= PROCEED TO Admin Profile
      • Create Profile
    8. Eighth Page= Conculsion = CLICK ON LINK TO ULTRABOARD
    9. Nineth Page= Style/Color/Categories
      • Pull Down Menu - Admin Center
      • Configure style option click on RUN
        • Colors
        • font
        • etc
      • Create New Category
      • Create New Board

    then to access your Forums:

  • http://www.__.com/UltraBoard/UltraBoard.pl
    then to access your admin:
  • http://www.__.com/UltraBoard/UBAdmin.pl

That about covers it. Remember if you haven't found what you are looking for here, please visit our Forums. There are people that check in there 24 hours a day and are happy to help!


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