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SearchKing is the foundation and traffic generating center of
the world's largest network of independently owned portals.
Terms of Service

SearchKing's hosting packages are very powerful and come with many tools for your web site. As with any web hosting company, we have certain rules and limitations to keep this system a clean, ethical, and high performing environment.

Responsibility for Content

You are solely responsible for the content on your web site. This included all links in your search engine and directory, posts to your forum and classifieds, all email sent from your manager and email program, or any other program/script installed on your site and in your folders. SearchKing Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for content on, sent from, or about your web site. You must, at all times, adhere to all applicable copyright and trademark laws, this applies to your domain name as well.

Proper Categories

SearchKing believes in supporting Freedom on the Net. We do not limit this opportunity for anyone or discriminate against any group or individual based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion or geographic location; except when and where prohibited by law, or we determine at some point the content may conflict with the best interests of SearchKing and/or the SearchKing Portal Network. We do require that you list your web site in the proper category of the SearchKing directory. Listing your site in the directory is not in any way required, but if you do, the category you submit your web site to must be the most accurate placement for the content on your web site. The backbone of SearchKing is honesty and fairness. We believe the public has the right to access information whether we agree with the content of that information or not, however; we do expect you to represent the content you present honestly. This is one of SearchKing's main goals, to provide the internet with a highly accurate and content rich directory to use.

** SearchKing's directory is exclusively for the SearchKing Portals. (Includes the Portal Plus, Plus w/ Community Features, Premium, and Pro.)

Contact Information

You must have proper contact information on your portals.  The minimum contact information required is a valid e-mail address.  No portal that does not meet the minimum contact information requirements will be allowed into the Portal Directory.  All others will be subject for review and possible termination from the Network.


Certain topics will not be permitted to use the SearchKing domain name (yoursite.searchking.com) and must have a unique domain not related in any way with SearcKing Inc. or its domain. These will include gambling (as of 010102), adult/pornography, drug related sites (such as viagra, steroids, or paraphernalia related materials) or any other topic chosen at SearchKing's discretion. These restrictions do not apply to paid web hosting options except SearchKing will, at all times, reserve the right to choose which web site topics may be placed on its servers.

You may not put another search engine's search box on any Portal Plus regardless of whether it is your domain or ours.

Fresh Content

Any web site which appears to be abandoned or the admin section has not been accessed for a period of 90 days will be flagged as unused. This does not mean we will take any action at this time, as we will make every effort to contact the owner or administration contact. If we fail to contact you after a period of 30 days, your site will be taken offline and the website name will be made available to others. If you plan to be away for this length of time, just let us know and we will not take any action against your site. NOTE: This rule only applies to the Portal Plus.

No Spam!

Spam is designated as unsolicited email and certain programming practices to control your position in a search engine. You may not use any means on your web site or in its folders to send, route, or forward any mass unsolicited email. Search engines have their 'spamming' policies posted on their web sites and you must follow their guidelines or not submit your web site to them. Violation of this rule will result in the termination of your account regardless of the Portal Program you are using.

Illegal Activity

SearchKing will not allow any illegal or highly unethical activity on its servers. This includes, but not limited to, such content as child pornography, warez, hacking information, hate or malevolent content, or any combination of such which allows the promotion, advertising or support of any such activity. Furthermore, we have no way of knowing what the future holds, and in the event at some point your content or web site topic should become illegal, deemed highly unethical, or not in the best interest of SearchKing Inc., ANY Portal found in violation of this rule will be immediately terminated with NO grounds of appeal

Warranties and Guarantees

SearchKing Inc. makes absolutely no guarantee or warranty of any kind regarding the availability, operations or potential income of any Portal site. We will however, make EVERY reasonable attempt to provide a reliable quality service. You agree to hold SearchKing completely harmless due to any malfunction, problem or lack of possible income. SearchKing is under the same limitations as every other service provider in the world. We do not "own" the Internet and therefore make no guarantees regarding it's performance. SearchKing does not guarantee, promise suggest or even imply any level performance from your Portal site. The opportunity to generate traffic, income or services using this tool is there and it is there equally for each member, however, it is only a tool and how you use it is strictly up to you. What you can do using this tool depends on you and your efforts.

Joining the SearchKing Network

It is understood that regardless of what level of portal service I purchase now, or may choose to upgrade to at any time in the future, a large part of the value of the portal services is in being a part of the SearchKing Network of Portals. Benefits of being in said network may include preferential placement within the SearchKing search engine, enhanced exposure throughout the network, revenue sharing, exclusive listing in the directory and the right to display SearchKing data as secondary results.

I agree that in exchange for such benefits, SearchKing has the right to data from my portal for any purpose that SearchKing feels may benefit the general searching public and/or the SearchKing Network of Portals.

SearchKing's Right To Advertise

To offer you these tools at these low prices, SearchKing must make certain requirements to support itself financially.

Portal Plus & Portal Plus w/ Community Features

1. A SearchKing banner located near the top of your interior program pages.
2. Participation of the text banner program on your Search Results pages (secondary results).
3. Approved SearchKing logo linked to www.SearchKing.com on your homepage.

Portal Premium

1. A SearchKing banner located near the top of your email pages.
2. Participation of the text banner program on your search results pages (secondary results).
3. Approved SearchKing logo linked to www.SearchKing.com on your home page.

Portal Pro

No requirements, however we would appreciate a link back to SearchKing
NOTE:  You have the ability from your control panel to turn off or on the SearchKing secondary results

Please review our FAQ's for more information.

These rules and limitations are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to understand these rules and adhere to them at all times. If they are not followed, you will be asked to change the offending content on your web site. Continued violation of these terms will result in removal of your web site and termination of your account.

Did we miss anything? If you have further questions, please send us an email.


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