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Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my SearchKing Portal. The programs work just the way they're supposed to, and the technical support has been superior.

I just can't believe the value that's packed into this web site. I have investigated the possibility of setting up a similar site in the past, and discovered that the software alone would cost several thousand dollars. Never mind what it would cost to have the programs professionally installed and tested.

As you can probably tell, I'm very enthusiastic about your portal program! My business has picked up dramatically since my portal went on line, and I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to develop a niche portal that dovetails so perfectly with my existing business site.

Lynne Scott
Graphic Design Portal

Congratulations to you and all the fine folks at SearchKing for putting together the best tool on the internet. I was just getting ready to launch a "regular" Web site when I found you. Now I have a true internet portal that focuses on finding and running a home business. All the features are great but I get the most positive feedback from my visitors about the searchable directory and the forum. I can't thank you enough for all the help you made available to me for getting my portal up and going. Although I started out as a free portal I'm pleased to announce that I'm upgrading to the Portal Pro. Having my own top tier domain name and only my ads showing to my visitors is well worth the small cost involved. I can't wait to see these "new features" that you mentioned in your newsletter. Things are really getting exciting at SearchKing.

Jim Raleigh
Home Business Central

I have looked at other directory and site platform solutions, but I must say I find SearchKing to be the absolute best! I am very pleased with my less-than-a-week's experience (grin) at SK, and I look forward to really learning my way around so I can kick things into high gear.

Respectfully yours,
Cheryl Smith Hissong
Portal Niche


Build your own home-town web portal
Gain recognition as an expert on your topic
Have fun running a fully functional internet search engine
Your own search engine holds unlimited url's of your choice
Provide your visitors with a complete Yahoo-Style directory
Your own Easy To Use admin panel.
Instructions in all areas inside your web site manager
Information and help newsletter
Extensive support forum for answers and tips
Web site promotion help and instruction
Downloadable backup

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