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SearchKing is the foundation and traffic generating center of
the world's largest network of independently owned portals.
Quick Package Comparisons:
Portal Packages Basic Specifications:

Portal Plus:
20 MB of web space
5 gigs of transfer (bandwidth) per month
NO POP e-mail accounts
Portal Plus with Community Features:
20 MB of web space
8 gigs of transfer (bandwidth) per month
50 POP e-mail accounts
Portal Premium:
200 MB of web space
12 gigs of transfer (bandwidth) per month
50 POP e-mail accounts
Portal Pro:
350 MB of web space
15 gigs of transfer (bandwidth) per month
150 POP e-mail accounts
Please review our FAQ's and Terms of Service for more information.

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Build your own home-town web portal
Gain recognition as an expert on your topic
Have fun running a fully functional internet search engine
Your own search engine holds unlimited URL's of your choice
Provide your visitors with a complete Yahoo-Style directory
Your own Easy To Use admin panel.
Instructions in all areas inside your web site manager
Information and help newsletter
Extensive support forum for answers and tips
Web site promotion help and instruction
Downloadable backup

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