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SearchKing is the foundation and traffic generating center of
the world's largest network of independently owned communities.

The SearchKing Community Program

The idea here is not to give away anything for free. Nothing in life is free. The idea is to offer powerful software to enable professional people a way to build something of value to a community and become a part of a network of like-minded professionals, at a very affordable price.

You don't have to use the search engine software or the community building tools if you don't need them. This is like any other website hosting PLUS the other features. If you want them they are there.They are there with help and support. If you don't need them, then it is just hosting on very fast, reliable servers at an incredibly affordable price.

With the SearchKing Community Network software, you can build a search service focused on a location like your own home town, or you could build a community around a topic such as football, hunting, sewing, just about anything you want. You can use the spider feature to get your own pages on top of your own search engine for every single search.

The Community Plus
Great Value!
The Community Plus for a one time set up of $29 and only $49 a year.  With the Community features you get a host of tools to power your Community with some of the best features on the Net!

Order Now!

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We want your business. We understand how challenging setting up a website can be. We work very hard to take the worry and stress out of it. We were new to this stuff ourselves at one time and we would not want to treat you like we were often treated when we just needed a little help from a real human being. You deserve more for your money than just tools and megs. You deserve respect as a customer and you can expect that from us.  

We feel we have put together the most powerful, feature rich and affordable hosting program on the net. If you don't agree within the first 30 days, we will pay to have your site transferred to anywhere you chose. All your money refunded and we'll will even give you double what you paid in advertising from any service our network has to offer. Honestly, if you can find a better deal anywhere on the net, you should probably take it.


Build your own home-town web Community
Gain recognition as an expert on your topic
Have fun running a fully functional internet search engine
Your own search engine holds unlimited url's of your choice
Provide your visitors with a complete Yahoo-Style directory
Your own Easy To Use admin panel.
Instructions in all areas inside your web site manager
Information and help newsletter
Extensive support forum for answers and tips
Web site promotion help and instruction
Downloadable backup

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