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SearchKing is the foundation and traffic generating center of
the world's largest network of independently owned portals.

Frequently Asked Portal Questions

I thought the Portal Plus was free - what happened?
The Portal Plus hosting is $29.00 a year. The search engine is free, the CGI-bin, 24/7 access and on and on ... all of that is free. We only charge the $29 fee annually, and this includes the set-up fees, which takes time and trained staff. That staff has to be paid. We decided to charge the small fee to cover that expense as opposed to running annoying popups on your site or banners on your front page.

How is SearchKing different than AngelFire, GeoCities or other free web hosting companies?
Free web hosting sites like AngelFire and GeoCities are there so that those companies can sell advertising space. SearchKing's goal is to provide you with the tools, training, and support needed to become successful. In understanding that most any business venture comes with expenses and sometimes challenges, we will strive to provide you with the support and utilities to accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner possible. No business in the world can be everything to everyone. Our promise to you, is that SearchKing will continue to improve its support and training, upgrade and expand its facilities, and will continue to add new software utilities to stay on top of web hosting technology.

Can I start with the $29 deal and get the community building features later?
Of course! You can always upgrade at any time, but it will cost you a minimum of $25 per month to get all of the community building features. By ordering now, you get all of the features for about $4 per month!

Can I run my own scripts?
Yes. You get your own CGI-bin.

What kind of advertising do I have to run for the Portal Plus or the Portal Plus with Community Features?
1. A SearchKing banner located near the top of your interior program pages.
2. Participation of the text banner program on your Search Results pages (secondary results).
3. Approved SearchKing logo linked to www.SearchKing.com on your homepage.

Does SearchKing use popup advertising?
Absolutely not! We hate it when we visit a site and get bombarded with popups just as much as you do.

What if I don't want SearchKing advertisements on my site?
You can upgrade to the Portal Pro.

That's a little out of my budget - can we compromise?
Sure. With the Portal Premium our only advertising requirements are:
1. A SearchKing banner located near the top of your email pages.
2. Participation of the text banner program on your search results pages (secondary results).
3. Approved SearchKing logo linked to www.SearchKing.com on your home page.

How long does it take SearchKing to get my site set up?
It generally takes 1-2 business days to get your site set up. Allow extra time during holidays.

How will I know when my site is set up?
Once your site is set up, we will send you a welcome letter with instructions and passwords for logging into your admin panel and ftp.

What if I need more space?
You can upgrade. Each additional 10 megs of space is only $5 per month. Or you can upgrade your entire package. Among other advantages, the Portal Premium comes with 50 megs of space and the Portal Pro comes with 200 megs of space!

How much bandwidth comes with the Portal Plus?
1/2 Gig per month

What if I need more bandwidth?
You can upgrade - additional bandwidth is $8.00 per gig.
Read server definition in terms

What if I want more than 1000 URL's in my directory?
Once you reach 1000 URL's in your directory, you should be ready to upgrade to our Premium or Pro package.

If I upgrade from a Plus to a Premium or a Pro will I lose all the work I did on my Plus?
No. When you upgrade, we transfer all of your data to your new site and redirect traffic from your .searchking.com domain to your new domain.

Do I need to know HTML to build a SearchKing portal?
While it's not absolutely necessary to know HTML to get your portal up and running, having at least some knowledge of HTML will go a long way in making your job easier.
Some of our current Portal Partners offer templates that you can plug your personal information into without any knowledge of HTML.

Did we miss anything? If you have further questions, please send us an email.


Build your own home-town web portal
Gain recognition as an expert on your topic
Have fun running a fully functional internet search engine
Your own search engine holds unlimited URL's of your choice
Provide your visitors with a complete Yahoo-Style directory
Your own Easy To Use admin panel.
Instructions in all areas inside your web site manager
Information and help newsletter
Extensive support forum for answers and tips
Web site promotion help and instruction
Downloadable backup

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