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 October 2002 
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iconTo Brett_Tabke
From MJR
  Subject This is Difficult to take
Date 11:25 pm on October 23, 2002 (utc 0)
It is getting very dificult to restrain myself from posting in that thread with some of the comments being made by PageOne Results. It is obvious Bob is not the most popular person around here to say the least, however those posts by PageOneResults are misleading as he is trying to make it sound as if he knows some secret thing and is trying to use that inflection to persuade people to his way of thinking...as posted below.
I've been following this whole scenario since Bob first announced the pradnetwork. I've purposely stayed away from these topics as they are too unpredictable and any comments supporting or not supporting SK's efforts could be null and void tomorrow.
The SK properties were not the only ones to take a hit in PR during the last update. A site that I manage went from PR8 to PR6 with no apparent reason. I'm not complaining because the relevancy of the search traffic has actually improved from the month we sat at PR8.

Google is a privately owned company. I think if it were publicly owned, the scales might be tipped in SK's favor. I can't say that is a valid comment because I'm not a lawyer.

The PR drop during last months update was global. Some sites increased, while many others decreased. Google apparently applied a filter of some sort that deals with inbound links. SK is fortunate in that their PR is still at 4. They could have received the PR0 disease and their case might have had more validity, but they did not.

Something tells me that the Google PageRank meter in the toolbar is destined for doom. If any one thing comes out of this, PageRank will probably be no longer publicly accessible.


> So P1R, are you thinking that SK was dinged for reasons other than for selling PR?<
I couldn't really comment on that one. I'd be willing to bet that with the public advertising of selling PR that Google took a very close look at the portal network. I've been keeping up with this at various forums (lurking) and there have been comments made indicating that there are possibly other issues that have come to light.

Any time you attract that much attention with an SE, you better be squeaky clean, and I do mean squeaky. I can assure you that there are areas that do not pass the squeaky clean test within the portal network. That is my opinion only and does not reflect what others may or may not think.