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ATTENTION GOOGLERS I am involved in a lawsuit with the most powerful search service on the planet. This lawsuit is about a lot more than rankings. Already we have collected evidence in this matter that implicates some of the biggest names on the internet in matters that are at the least, less than honest, at the worst, possibly criminal. The outcome of this case may have far-reaching effects on the way internet business is conducted in the future.

We are looking for accountability. We are seeking a more professional and fair attitude toward online businesses. We are seeking respect for the efforts of those who provide content. We do not wish to be controlled by an entity that would employ self-serving rules that can change without notice and offer no impartial recourse. If rules are broken, we have the right to be notified BEFORE our income suffers.

People's lives are at stake.Their income, their taxes, their payroll. People deserve more respect than they have been getting. Just because you are well-known and powerful, that does not put you above the law. You can not just decide who wins and who loses when it suits you and not expect to force some to fight for their survival.

We already have statements from employees, customers and webmasters from all over the globe naming names and giving dates to specific incidents. Enough that we felt we could convince a federal judge to grant an injunction.

I want more.

If you have ever been treated unfairly by Google or even just know someone who has, we want to hear from you. Maybe your site was singled out. We want to know. Maybe you were fired without justification. Maybe your ex-spouse works for them and is not being honest with you. We want to know. Whether you are an ex-employee or are still working there, if you have been witness to something that makes you uncomfortable, we want to know.

If you have any evidence or statement regarding what you consider questionable acts by Google, either alone or in conjunction with any other individual or company, please feel free to contact me with the assurance of the strictest confidence. Tell me what your terms are and I will do my best to meet them! Just send an email to and put Googler in the subject line and I will send you a special toll free number for you to call at your convenience.



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