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Summons | Complaint | Motions | Memorandums | Press Release | From the CEO

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Press Release: December 06, 2002


 Google has hired the law firm of Crowe and Dunlevy in Oklahoma City. The attorney representing Google will be Joseph Ferretti .

As his first act, he has contacted my legal team and asked for ANOTHER extension. Below is our response.

Ferrettiletter_sm.jpg (64123 bytes)

Added 12-09-02:

Today would have been the last day for Google to respond to our summons. When I called my attorneys to ask what my next step was, I was informed that despite the letter I had delivered to me, that in fact the same letter had NOT been hand delivered to the Google lawyer and instead my lawyer did grant another 20 day extension.

Now the last day for Google to file a response will be December 30th.

I am disappointed and concerned.

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Read the filed lawsuit by clicking the links below


Summons | Complaint | Motions | Memorandums| Press Release From the CEO


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