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A new weight loss pill called Qnexa
is awaiting FDA approval.

Qnexa, a prescription weight loss pill created by the pharmaceutical company Vivus Inc., has recently been touted as a promising tool to help those who are desperate to lose weight.

The FDA completed its review of the diet pill, even though it had previously met some of the regulatory body's guidelines to be labeled as an effective weight loss drug. In preliminary clinical trials, individuals who took Qnexa lost between 13 and 15 percent of their body weight. It would have been the first new diet pill in a decade.

Qnexa is a combination of two drugs: the amphetamine phentermine and topiramate, an anti-convulsant drug sold by Johnson & Johnson as Topamax. According to Vivus, phentermine helps suppress appetite, while topiramate makes patients feel more satiated.

Yet it is not without side effects. From birth defects to memory problems, Qnexa is far from a risk-free solution to weight loss. Although Qnexa was originally rejected by the FDA, a third study was conducted in April 2011 on the efficacy of the drug. This study showed that over a two-year period, people taking the drug experienced lower blood pressure and improved lipid levels. These numbers were key in the FDA accepting Qnexa’s second application as a weight loss drug. The drug is set for a five-month trial period and the FDA will announce their decision in April 2012.

Obesity has gripped many of us be it young or old, which a dietary disorder. An obese not only is the butt of jokes and ridicule but also a prime victim of various health hazards. Won’t it be great to get out of the hazardous ambit of obesity? Make a smart health decision and switch to Acomplia medication and relive yourself of that extra burden of pounds.

The goal in life is a life of purpose. Going by the adage, we define the goal to live in the world, and which can be a little better than the good of your health.

Obesity or overweight is a torturer of life, leading to the generation of health-related complexity. Eliminate the bad effects of this kind, it must be implemented in a way which works to maintain an ideal body weight, the possibility of their activities.

Currently, this is to find the market flooded with many weight loss programs that emphasize the intensity of weight control by natural means such as food by control and chalked a plan with an effective exercise regime. But at the same time, it is still one of the schools felt that the weight supported by the consumption of diet pills.

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About New Diet Pill Qnexa
  • May support weight loss
  • Displayed promising results in clinical trials
  • Available by prescription only
  • Trial studies showed side effects such as memory and concentration difficulties
  • May cause birth defects and "low level" psychiatric side effects
  • May be misused as a magic pill for weight loss
  • Long-term results are unknown
  • Does not address root cause of overeating
  • If the drug is approved, it will not be available to women of childbearing age

It is not yet known what kind of a diet should be followed while taking Qnexa. The prescription weight loss pill is supposed to suppress appetite, which will help offset the physical urge to eat, but whether it also addresses the emotional side of eating is uncertain.


At this time, there is no information available on whether or not a fitness plan is recommended for people taking Qnexa.


Qnexa, a prescription weight loss drug created by the company Vivus, Inc., was rejected by the FDA July 16, 2010 because it did not meet its guidelines for efficacy and safety.

While the drug has shown promise in early clinical trials for weight loss, it does so at a price of other side effects. Qnexa's application was approved by the FDA and a decision will be made in April 2012 on if the drug will be released. The side effects are still an issue when it comes to birth defects though because if the drug is accepted, women of childbearing age will not be able to take it.

Prescription weight loss drugs like Qnexa are designed to help those who are overweight and obese reduce their caloric intake, but no such medications have been able to address the real issues of overeating.

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New Diet Pills is an informative website, which can facilitate you to enhance your knowledge pertaining to diet pills.. New Diet Pills is multi-lingual, which can give you the advantage of accessing it in your own indigenous language.

The first question that should be over anybodies mind is that if the diet pills really work miracles claimed? Request is immediately followed by another question whether the effect is vouched for the long term.

The answers to these questions is one - Yes. You can certainly improve your existing diet pill weight loss program since. Many studies conducted in the force response, and the results show that diet pills are bettered in many cases, the effect of weight loss program.

To achieve lifelong results all you have to do while getting a healthy diet tablets increases planned for food, promoting metabolism and increases the light suction of nutrients. During the day, it should be five to six small protein-rich food containing a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates and a moderate amount of the balance of oil. Also drink plenty of water to support the appetite suppressing diet pills, and helps your body burning extra fat. Drinking water is useful because it is deleted toxins from the body and also in making you look and feel.

Positive use of diet pills are the preferred mode shedding extra pounds. Diet pills like phentermine are ready availability of cheap prices for a number of reliable online pharmacies. Phentermine diet pills act as appetite suppressants to complete their number will help you control your weight. What adds phentermine popular among the masses is the fact that the FDA Approved Prescription weight pills.

By selecting the most appropriate diet pill is another issue that requires a complete evaluation. Discuss your past medical history, your doctor can determine the most appropriate diet pill for you.

It is important to get the right diet pills shows that the use of inappropriate diet tablets can cause serious side effects. In addition, the volume of consumption must be monitored to avoid dependency.

So a couple of tablets, including lifestyle changes in your diet, including healthy eating habits and use to achieve their goal of a healthy lifestyle.

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