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Home Remedies for Ear Aches

Earaches are not just a childhood malady; they occur in people of all ages. No one has time in their busy lives to deal with ear pain or its various annoying and unpleasant symptoms. Adults can learn many ways to identify, treat and prevent earaches.

Tips & Warnings

If liquid or puss is coming from the painful ear, you have an infection and need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Do not put anything in the ear. You can use salt in a sock or another warm compress for relief until you can get to the doctor.

Home Remedies

  • 1. Hold a hair dryer set on the warm setting a little ways from your ear to allow the warm air to blow in. Do not use the hot setting because you may burn yourself. You may also apply heat to your ear using a heating pad: turn it on warm and lay the side where the earache is on the heating pad. The warm air from the hair dryer and the warm heat from the heating pad will ease the pain. Do not use the blow dryer for more than 3 to 5 minutes.
  • 2. Puncture a piece of garlic, squeeze the juice out of it, and pour the juice in the ear that hurts. Garlic is known to have a natural antibiotic in it, and using the garlic juice may help the antibiotics to fight the infection.
  • 3. Put a few drops of olive oil or mineral oil in the sore ear; the oil will act as a lubricant and may help to eliminate dry, itchy symptoms of the ear infection. Warm the oil up like you would a baby's bottle, under the hot tap water for a few minutes. Make sure you test the temperature of the warmed oil before using it in your ear. The warm oil should be at body temperature. Apply it with an ear dropper and only use enough oil to coat the inner lining of the ear.
  • 4. Wrap a hot water bottle in a towel. Use the towel-wrapped hot water bottle as a pillow by laying the sore ear on it. Again, the heat from the hot water bottle will ease the pain from the sore ear.
  • 5. Chewing gum (or even food) and swallowing will help to ventilate the Eustachian tube and allow for drainage. This may help to alleviate some pressure caused by the infection in the inner ear.

Other Remedies

  • Fill a water bottle with warm water and lay against it to soothe and warm the painful area.
  • Use a first-aid heat gel pack to warm your ear and provide relief from minor pain and discomfort.
  • Consider whether head congestion may be the source of your ear pain. Try leaning over a steam bath to breathe in the moist hot air to relieve pressure.
  • Take over-the-counter pain remedies such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Be sure to follow the directions on the label.
  • Sleep with your head and upper body elevated slightly to keep ear pressure to a minimum.
  • 1. Sleep on your side with the painful ear facing up towards the ceiling. Laying on the ear that hurts will cause more pain.
  • 2. Take acetaminophen. Be sure to follow package dosing recommendations for pain relief.
  • 3. Warm a small amount of oil and put a couple of drops in the each that aches. Any type of oil can be used such as olive, vegetable or baby oil. Be careful to make the oil warm and not hot. Put a small amount of cotton in the end of the air to prevent the oil from dripping out.
  • 4. Treat with an over-the-counter ear drop following package instructions.
  • 5. Try salt in a sock. Heat a cup of salt in a frying pan until warm. Pour the salt into a clean dry sock and knot the end. Hold the sock against the painful ear.
  • 6. Use glycerine. Take a cotton swab and hold one end under warm running water. Dip the wet swab into the glycerine. Swirl the swab at the opening of the ear to allow the liquid to drip in. Wait thirty minutes and then take a clean, dry cotton swabs and remove ear wax. Repeat this procedure two or three times a day.
This article is not intended to treat or diagnose disease. Use wisdom and discretion when treating illnesses at home, and consult a health care professional if you have questions or concerns.
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