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Netflyer.net Review Criteria


Netflyer reviews and rates your site based on how mobile devise friendly your site is, regardless of whether it is a mobile specific site or a website that is mobile friendly. We use the following criteria…


Your site should look aesthetically pleasing and function efficiently.


Download time – Size of home page. An important factor is download time. All pages should be kept under 50k in size. The homepage should be especially quick to download.


Look and feel – Readability. Pages should be clear and easy to understand, not too cluttered. The font size needs to be large enough to be readable and colors should provide clarity and contrast.


Use of graphics - Graphics should add relevant value to the site rather than reduce performance without providing any real benefit to the user.


Home page on one screen (above the fold) - Users entering the site will appreciate seeing everything in front of them without having to make the effort of scrolling up and down.


It is important that the user immediately sees the site is of  use to them. The unique selling point of the site should be clear.


There should be direct links to key action points visible on the homepage.


Depth of site - The goal should be to help the user see the site as a valuable resource.


Useful information - Content on the site should be relevant and to the point. Generally users are interested in service more than animations and graphics.


Content should be broken up into easily digestible amounts. Lengthy pages that require excessive scrolling decrease the ease of use.


Contact details - Providing links to contact details such as e-mail and phone numbers can give the user confidence and trust in the site.


Statement from management – Content of this nature provides the user a way to understand the vision and core values of the site.

All ratings are at the sole discretion of the reviewer and reflect that persons opinion only. 

The Netflyer Team



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