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What Makes SearchKing Different?

There are a lot of search engines on the web, all claiming to have relevant results. The problem is that if YOU don't think they're relevant, it doesn't matter what the search engine thinks. Results aren't relevant unless YOU think they're relevant.

SearchKing gets the majority of its data from its network of independent portal partners. These are people who use SearchKing software and hosting to build a topic specific or "hometown" portal. In other words a search engine only about their town or their topic. You see, there is no motivation for one of these portal owners to allow spam into their own engines so we can assume the human reviewed results from these engines are better, at least in the eyes of the portal owners.

For that reason, we try our best to present you with a portal ABOUT your keyword search instead of just a list of websites. Still, that alone doesn't make us better unless YOU think that makes us better.

SearchKing takes the YOU concept a step further by allowing you to customize the results you get, by selecting the "show my hometown websites first" option. When you select this option, SearchKing then searches it's database for everything matching your zip code, area code and country code, in that order, putting those results on top. The idea is that we give you websites in your own backyard first, for any search you do. Now you have to admit, that even if YOU don't think that is better, it is at least a useful and viable alternative to just a bunch of websites to surf.

We take the YOU concept to the limit by allowing YOU to vote on every result we return for YOU. Only YOUR votes determine the ranking of any site within our results, including our own portal partners. YOU no longer just have to accept spam in the top results. YOU can vote spam down into oblivion!

Finally, SearchKing does not allow adult content, however, we give you the power to allow it if YOU so choose. Searchking will not show adult content for any search term unless you have specifically selected the link on the search results page that says, "allow adult content". Viewing that type of material is up to YOU.

Is that better? We think so, but what is important is what YOU think.

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