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Start Making Money TODAY

Generate income every month with SearchKing's 3-tiered affiliate program!

SearchKing is your solution for affiliate residual monthly income!
No complicated software to be installed! Just cut and paste a few lines of HTML code on your site to get your affiliate program going! It can't get simpler!

Signup today now!

Unlike most affiliate programs, we don't just pay one time, we keep paying each and every month that the client has an open account. For example; if someone purchases advertising for $100.00 your commission would be $12.00 and it would be $12.00 every month that they continue to purchase advertising.  But wait, there's more!  This is a three tiered program which means that every time someone signs-up under you, you get paid every month for the clients they have signed-up that continue to purchase advertising.  This works the same way with the Portal Program!   NOTE:  The Magic-City banner advertising is paid once per purchase.


Platinum Travel VisaŽ

Sell Advertising
Sell SearchKing advertising.  Our exclusive Pay-Per-Day advertising, banner advertising, text and button advertising, and more! With our 3-tiered payment program you will receive 12%, 6% and 2%, each month, every month, that the client continues to purchase ads.

Sell Portals / Web Hosting

Offer complete Portal packages from SearchKing's Portal Program.  Portal Pros ($49.95 per month) and Portal Premiums ($19.95 per month) will give you a monthly income at the 3-tired levels at 12%, 6%, and 2% every month that the client continues with their Portal.  Web Hosting packages start at $19.95 per month, PLUS you will receive  a commission on every upgrade or plug-in that the client adds to their Portal.

Magic-city Search Engine Placement Service
Receive $100.00 commission for every client who orders Magic-City's search engine placement service.  Just simply add a banner or text using your unique affiliate code and be paid a $100.00 commission for EVERY order!

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