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  • January 29 - Webmaster's Corner, This Weeks Search Engine Lesson 
Doorway Pages
, and Go.com
  • APRIL 2001

    • April 3 Affiliate News, More Affiliate News, Making a Website Sell - The Next Step
    • April 30 - Playing Pay-Per-Day, 
Rockin' Forums
 and New Affiliate Script

    MAY 2001

    • May 8 - To Free or Not To Free - That is the Question
      The New Affiliate Script is Finished - We Need Some Partners to Test It.
      Text and Banners and Buttons and Bows -- Want to Make a Few bucks?
      Want To Be a Guinea Pig For Some New Search Technology?
    • May 17 - Everybody Wang-Chat Tonight, Affiliate Program is Tested and We’ve Got a Winner, No More Unlimited Freebies and If Bob is a Search Engine Placement Specialist, Why Wont He Tell Us How TO DO It? You being Watched
    • May 21 - The Future is Here. Yahoo Life Says So
      Affiliate News
      Product Development
      a affilaite software
      b.Keyword Delivery
      c. chat

    JUNE 2001

    • June 20 - Affiliate News, Keyword Delivery Update

    JULY 2001

    • July 20 - Using SearchKing For Time Sensitive Pages
, The Portal Plus Isn't Such a Good Deal Anymore

    AUGUST 2001

    SEPTEMBER 2001

    • September 11 - The Trouble with Planning, A word from Our Webmaster

    OCTOBER 2001

    • October 15 - I Guess it's Official - It's War, Stats, Who are Your Customers?

    NOVEMBER 2001

    • November 6 - Who Are Your Customers, 
Portal Hosting Changes Coming Soon
    • November 19 -
      • A Terrible Week of Tragedy is Behind Us Now
      • Portal Partner Point of View on Planning
      • The Trouble With Planning Continued
      • Giving You Customers What They Want
    • November 27 -
      • How To Identify Your Market Segments
      • Getting Into ODP
      • The Trouble With Trackers

    DECEMBER 2001

    • December 11 - SearchKing Targets European Market Through Franchise Agreements
    • December 24 - Telling The World Who We Are
      We're Taking the First Steps to Making SK the Traffic Generating Center for Portals
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



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