FIR Served to Devesh Dodeja, Amish Vyas and Nisha Singhal


(Under Section 154 in accordance to the Criminal Procedure)

District: Ahmedabad, Police Station: Vastrapur, Year: 2010, First Information Number: ICB No.661/10 Date

Law & Code: IPC 379, 406, 420, 120 (B) and under IT Act Code 66 / 66(B), 66(D), 72, 72(A)

(A) Date & time of Crime: On or before 04/October/2010
(B) Crime Declared (in Police Station): Date 14/November/2010, Time: 1430 hrs.
(C) Entry number in Station Diary: 21/10, Time: 1445 hrs.
(D) Type of Complaint: (Whether oral or written): Written
Place where Crime took place (A) Distance and direction from the Police Station: At Office situated at 404-405 of Searchking Technolab Pvt. Ltd. Bodakdev-Ahmedabad.
Bit Number/Police Chowky Name: Judges Bungalow (E) Address: Ahmedabad

(D) If the crime is outside Police Station area, then District of Police Station and State: Ahmedabad.

Complaint by/Informed by
(A) Name: M.D of Shri Searchking Technolab Pvt. Ltd. Shri Chirag Shashikant Buddhbhatti.
(B) Fathers/Husbands name: Shashikant Buddhbhatti
(C) Date of birth/Year: --- (D) Nationality: Indian
(E) Passport No.: --- (F) Date of Issuance of Passport:---
Passport Issuing Authority/Place ----
(G) Ocupation: Professional (H) Address: B/14 Mangalam Apartment, B/h Polytechnic Hostel, 132ft. Ring Road, Satellite Ahmedabad

NAME OF ACCUSED, ADDRESS & FULL DETAILS (Full Details of Identified / Suspected /Un-identified accused) (If required adjoin another page)

Accused (1) Devesh Jadeja, Aged: Adult, Resident of A/3, Anuradha Scoiety-Bopal.
Accused (2) Amish Vyas Aged: Adult, Resident of Ashapura Flat,B/h Punjab national bank, Satellite Ahmedabad
Accused (3) Nishal Singal, Aged: Adult, Resident of E/1, Royal Orchid Park, Near AUDA Garden, Prahladnagar-Ahmedabd.


Complaint by: M.D. of Searchking Technolab Pvt. Ltd
Chirag Buddhbhatti
Aged: 37 years, Religion: Hindu, Occupation: Professional
Resident of B/14 Mangalam Apartment, B/h Medilink Hospital
132 ft. Ring Road - Ahmedabad 380015
Mobile No.: 9725479131


  1. Devesh Jadeja
    Aged: Adult, Religion Hindu
    Resident of A/3, Anuradha Society, Bopal Ahmedabad.
    Mobile No.: 9909906959

  2. Amish Vyas
    Aged: Adult, Religion Hindu,
    Resident of Ashapura Flat, B/h Punjab National Bank Shyamal Cross Road - Satellite Ahmedabad
    Mobile No.: 9925039100

  3. Nisha Singal
    Aged: Adult, Religion Hindu
    Resident of E/21 Royal Orchid Park, B/h AUDA Garden
    Mobile No.: 9925089554

I the complainer, am residing within the locality and are professional and are peacefully living our lives and are good citizen.

I/We the complainer/s hereby declare that we are operating a firm under the name of Searchking Techno Labs Pvt. Ltd and we carry out the work of 'Search Engine Optimization' at 404-405 Sarthik II, Opposite Rajpath Club, SG highway. The aforesaid company has been registered and into force since July 2007 onwards and I carry on my duties in the said firm as a Managing Director.

I/we the complainers furthermore inform you that our company's Head Office is located in the United States of America and our company's websites are and , henceforth if any person / client search for software development, it is directed to one of our official deputed persons and the official person from our company is responsible for providing the information to the clients and getting the job done as allotted by the said clients. Upon completion of the job/work as assigned by our respective client, our client deposits the amount against the work in our Head Office in our official Paypal account, thereafter the funds against remuneration is transferred at our Ahmedabad Office via our ICICI Bank Account at Ahmedabad.

Furthermore it may be brought to your notice that Acused No.: (1) Devesh Dodeja-who performed his duties at Chief Operation Officer and used to interact with our then existing clients via our websites & emails and also used to monitor and manage the transaction of funds made from our US based Head Office and to facilitate his duties for the company, Searchking provided him with 2 (TWO) Laptops, 1 (ONE) Projector, 1(ONE) WiFi Router and 1(ONE) External Hard disk.

I/we complainers furthermore inform that our then and existing clients started reducing and we barely got any new clients. Upon making necessary enquiries in our office, we found out that Accused No.: (1) Devesh Dodeja had started operating a new email account under the name of and started providing information giving his own email address to our old and then existing clients and providing them services like software development and search engine optimization along with Accused No.: (2) Amish Vyas-who carried his duties as Vice President and Accused No.: (3) Nisha Singal- who carried out her duties as Web Designer. All three accused joined as accomplice and started depositing the fees received from our clients in their own account by providing our company's information.

It may be also informed that Accused no. (1) had opened a his Paypal account and carried out activities from our company's web-program and transferred/deposited amount into his HDFC Bank account.

It also in informed that once the fraud was detected in our firm, Accused No.: (1) Devesh Dodeja was suspended from his duties with immediate effect and thereafter Accused No.: (1) submitted his resignation whereas Accused No.: (2) was de-posted from his job and Accused No.: (3) surrendered their resignation thereafter. In due course, the Accused No.: (1) was in possession of an External Hard-Disk , a Laptop given from by the company.

Under IPC 66, 66 ©, 66 (D), 72, 72 (A) we are hereby filing a complaint against the accused and that the complaint is legal.

Understated are the

  1. We, the people working in the company on behalf of the Complainer.
  2. Informers from HDFC bank and people from PayPal website.
  3. Rumin Ramhotmozi our company's old client.
  4. And all those who are investigating.


Date: 27/10/10 Signature of Complainer

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