Devesh Dodeja
former COO of SearchKing Techno Labs Ltd
Ahmedabad India

Ahmedabad Mirror

These 3 mentioned in this Ahmedabad Mirror article (chief operation officer) Devesh Dodeja, (vice president) Amish Vyas and (web designer) Nisha Singhal are NO longer, in any way, connected to SearchKing Techno Labs Ltd Ahmedabad India.

Watch this site for black and white details of the case that will be displayed as released by the police

IT honchos cheat us co of 40Lakh

Three city youths open phoney IT firm to corner their parent US company's clients and business; two of them seek anticipatory bail; hearing on Nov 29

Devesh Dodeja

Nisha Singhal

Amish Vyas

A US-based software company has accused three people from city of cheating, siphoning off money and misusing the name of the firm to hive off its clients. . . READ MORE

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