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The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy Book Reviews

by Author Nora Roberts

The Inn BoonsBoro — set in her Maryland hometown. This contemporary romance draws on the familiar themes in Roberts' "gazillions" of stories — family, friendship, loyalties and romance — that have earned her accolades and legions of fans.
Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #1
Pub date: 11/1/2011
The Next Always

The Next Always introduces three girlfriends — Clare, Avery, Hope — who are in different phases of life: dealing with widowhood, living a singles life while running a thriving business and shifting gears with a career after a messy breakup. None belong to the Wimpy Girls Club. Individually, they own their respective scenes in the story; as a team, their friendship is rock solid. Meanwhile, there are the Montgomery brothers — Beckett, Ryder, Owen — and their eccentric mother, who heads this family dynasty with a strong will, unabashed humor and fierce love for her boys.

Central to the story is the renovation of a historic inn on Boonsboro's Main Street by the Montgomery construction firm that also owns the property. Beckett Montgomery, the architect, views the overhaul with a sense of pride for himself and his family, but also as an important part of the town's history. As busy as he is juggling several projects, he's got one more in mind with Clare Murphy, on whom he's had a crush since high school.



Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #2
Pub date: 5/1/2012
The Last Boyfriend

I thought the relationship between Owen and Avery was sweet, well-paced and it felt natural. These two people have loved each other for so long, been close friends and seeing them fall in love was a nice progression. Owen is such a great guy, he already had me in his corner with his organized, planning self. He likes order and he likes to be prepared and along comes Avery, tossing some spontaneity into his life. But she wasn’t so much of an opposite that it made no sense – she’s just as driven as Owen is, even if she doesn’t schedule her life down to the minute. They’re a great match, and I enjoyed seeing their story unfold.



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